Oplan Technologies Co., Ltd.

In the field of computer simulation, users have an increasing demand on engineering consulting。 It has becomes popular in many advanced countries to rely on the third –party’s project consulting services。 This trend is also spreading to China。

We are proud that we had an excellent technical team consisting of experienced professionals in the field of CAE, many of our team member achieved master or PhD education degree, and had consolidated engineering experience and industry knowledge of aerospace and aviation. To further strengthen our advantages, we hired local famous professors in this field as our consultants, and established the strategic alliance with many international CAE companies and local renowned universities including Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology and so on. Our consulting services cover:

    • CAE platform integration and implementation;
    • Simulation and analysis of kinematics and dynamics mechanical system;
    • Dynamic and control integration simulation;
    • Structural intensity analysis and fatigue lifecycle analysis for FE parts
    • Crack and/or expansion forecast of parts
    • Composite constructional invalidation analysis;
    • Fluid dynamics, and fluid-solid coupling combining analysis



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