Oplan Technologies Co., Ltd.

Beijing Oplan Technologies Co., Limited is a fast growing hi-tech company in China simulation software industry. By introducing the latest technology mostly from Europe and America into China based on our solid experience in local industry, we are proud to provide customers with advanced CAE/EDA hardware and software products, and professional technical support and engineering consulting services. We are committed to helping local customers to improve product quality, shorten R&D cycle-time, and reduce product R&D cost.

pk10投注规律Our advantages:

  1. Professional and diligent R&D and technical support team,
  2. Cooperative relationship with China local customers,
  3. Close partnership with original suppliers,
  4. Rapid and professional technical support services.

Our Business

Our business focuses on:
  • Sales agent for CAE/EDA Software and hardware products,
  • Technical support and product training of CAE/EDA software,
  • Customization development of CAE software,
  • CAE engineering consulting and system integration services,
  • Trade services of experimental and testing instruments and equipments.

Our Culture

   “ Professional,Conscientious,Diligent and Honest ”

   We believe that excellent company culture will drive the company’s continuous growth

Our Customer

We have been serving China aviation, shipbuilding, electronic, energy and general machinery industry. We provide customers with professional services including performance analysis, strength and life forecast, vibration and noise analysis, drive control analysis, CFD and aerodynamic analysis etc. on machinery products. We believe that our excellent products and services can help our customers to improve Process design, product R&D cycle time,product quality control,R&D efficiency and so on, and thus effectively help them to achieve their business goal.


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